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Who we Are


CP Ventures is passionate about fostering the continued growth of your talent and business. As a Strategic Partner, Charles Parsons is able to support young businesses in areas including, but not limited to, management of the business, supply chain, warehousing and logistics, design, marketing as well as funding to support the further growth of your business.
Backed by a family-owned company with over 100 years business experience across a global marketplace, your vision will continue to be realised with Charles Parsons’ assistance to help support you and your team in further growing your business.

What we are looking for

To be considered, your business team should complete the application form and submit your application, ensuring you explain how your current business addresses all of the following criteria.

  • 1

    Centres around the business of textiles and related areas, and aligns with Charles Parsons brand development goals to manage a number of brands that can be taken from inception directly to the consumer.

  • 2

    Demonstrates sustainable, competitive advantages

  • 3

    Has a business plan demonstrating trading history and a strategy to achieve defined growth and profitability targets over the next 24 months

  • 4

    Is scalable

  • 5

    Demonstrates existing branding or has a competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • 6

    Has scope for CP Ventures to become an equity partner

Charles Parsons is able to support young businesses that have been established for at least 2-3 years. CP Ventures will review and assess shortlisted business applications based on merit and supporting business plans.

An assembled CP Ventures Team, comprising of a diverse and experienced group from Charles Parsons, will collaborate and assist in guiding your venture, with regular reviews to help ensure that targets and business plans are being achieved to move your business forward.

The statements within this CP-Ventures document and the offer "to apply" do not imply that your application will be accepted and it is at the absolute discretion of the Charles Parsons (Holdings) Pty Ltd Management on whom they accept and what assistance they provide.