The Charles Parsons Group will continually improve its business performance and conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources.

We will strive to:

•Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other initiatives to which we subscribe.
•Incorporate environmentally sound practices into our core business plans and management processes.
•Minimise negative impacts we may have on the environment through efficient use of resources and reduction in emissions and waste.
•Move towards a group wide framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets, which will include key environmental management and performance indicators against aspects of Charles Parsons Group’s operations.
•Provide regular monitoring and reporting against these indicators to appropriate stakeholders.
•Encourage and promote environmentally friendly alternative products to our customers as viable commercially responsible alternatives.
•Incorporate environmentally sound practices into all technology solutions, and the fit-out and operation of our offices and work places.
•Ensure we work closely with our clients, suppliers, local communities, and other interested parties to continually improve our processes in environmentally sound practices, and foster the initiation and ownership of environmental activities by our staff, thereby engendering a strong environmentally aware business culture.